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JUL 2022

Menstrual Cycle: The Importance of Both the Phases and the Transitions Between Phases on Training and Performance

G. Bruinvels, A.C. Hackney, C.R. Pedlar

Journal of Sports Medicine
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APR 2022

Prevalence and frequency of menstrual cycle symptoms are associated with availability to train and compete: a study of 6812 exercising women recruited using the Strava exercise app

G. Bruinvels, E. Goldsmith, R. Blagrove, A. Simpkin, N. Lewis, K. Morton, A. Suppiah, J.P. Rogers, K.E. Ackerman, J. Newell, C.R. Pedlar.

Journal of Sports Medicine
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APRIL 2023

Fluid balance during physical work in the heat is not modified by the menstrual cycle when fluids are freely available

J.A. Freemas., C. S. Goss. R.Ables, T.B. Baker, G. Bruinvels, T. Mundel, B.J. Martin, S.J. Carter, R.F. Chapman, Z.J. Schlader.

Journal of Applied Physiology

Variations in strength-related measures during the menstrual cycle in eumenorrheic women: A systematic review and meta-analysis

R. Blagrove, G. Bruinvels, C.R. Pedlar.

Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport

How Lifestyle Changes during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Affected the Pattern and Symptoms of the Menstrual Cycle

G. Bruinvels, R. Blagrove, E. Goldsmith., C.R. Pedlar., L.Shaw, D. Martin. J.Piasecki.

International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health

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