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Train, compete and recover in sync with your menstrual cycle.
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Know your body

Hormones are constantly changing throughout your menstrual cycle and can affect a variety of factors, from how you think and feel to how you adapt to exercise. Get insights into the inner workings of your unique physiology and see trends and patterns over time by tracking your cycle and symptoms.

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Train smarter, recover faster

Learn what you need to know and when you need to know it to maximise your training and accelerate recovery. Get individualised recommendations backed by leading scientific research, tailored specifically to what you log on any given day, so you can start working with your cycle to improve performance.

Fuel your performance

Fuel your body for greatness with the help of expert nutrition insights. Explore an extensive library of recipes crafted to support your unique needs - whether you are looking to boost energy, enhance recovery, improve sleep or address any specific symptoms.

Download the Fitrwoman app for free
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"I love working with FitrWoman! I've learned how to use my cycle to help optimize my performance and be proactive with symptom management strategies."
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Allison Schmitt

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