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FitrWoman lets you track your menstrual cycle and provides personalized training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the changing hormone levels throughout your cycle.

No matter what your sport and no matter what your goal, FitrWoman takes the guesswork out of training.

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FitrWoman is underpinned by the latest evidence-based scientific research. Our team of sports scientists and advisors are acknowledged research leaders in the field of female athlete performance.


New Features

New phase by phase layout puts you in control so you can track your cycle, log your symptoms, plan your training, view nutritional support and access expert insights. 

Track Your Cycle

Use the interactive calendar to log your period, menstrual cycle symptoms, training activity and notes.

Train Smart

View training and nutritional suggestions to reduce symptoms and maximize training benefits from every session.

Expert Insights

Access the latest blogs, tips and research on optimizing female performance.

There has never been enough understanding about how we as female athletes can get the most out of ourselves during the menstrual cycle.
FitrWoman is really educational and empowering for all women who exercise.

Emelia Górecka

FitrWoman Ambassador

2017 British Cross Country Champion

LGFA & US Swimming

Our Partners

FitrWoman is proud to partner with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association and USA Swimming. Our scientists and performance experts are working with both organisations to advance female athlete research and to provide coach education workshops.  

The FitrWoman app will also help all girls and women who compete in both sports to learn how to adapt training to gain maximum benefits, reduce injury risk, and know when to prioritize recovery during their cycle.  



Learn when you will adapt better to different types of training. Know when to push harder, when to prioritize recovery, and how to optimize your performance in each phase of your cycle.



See nutritional insights, top foods and recipes to help reduce symptoms and support your training and recovery throughout your cycle. 



Track your menstrual cycle and find out how fluctuating hormone levels influence your physiology and impact on performance. 

Our Team

Grainne Conefrey

Product Development Manager

Grainne manages the development and delivery of FitrWoman and is driving our vision to empower all exercising females to perform at their best.

Georgie Bruinvels

Research Scientist

Georgie leads the science behind FitrWoman and has published widely on the female athlete, iron deficiency and the menstrual cycle.

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Grainne Conefrey

Version 2.0 is here.!

We are excited to announce that the latest version of FitrWoman is now available on Android & iOS!

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