We are here to revolutionise how girls and women take charge of their health and performance.

Our mission is to educate, empower and elevate you to reach your fullest potential. We are not just another health and fitness app - we are a movement that celebrates the strength, resilience and unique physiology of every woman.

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What makes female athletes different should be celebrated and embraced, not avoided or marginalised. It's time to harness your inner superpower.
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FitrWoman is proudly built on four foundational pillars

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Commitment To Research

We are actively leading research in applied female physiology at the highest level of global sport – it is at the core of everything we do.

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Education That Transforms

Our approach translates evidence-based knowledge into content tailored to your unique physiology so you and your coaches can make informed decisions about your health and performance.

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Breaking Barriers Through Participation

We are here to break down barriers and provide the tools to encourage female athletes to embrace sport fearlessly.

Maximising Individual Performance

We want to empower you to understand your body so you can be your best on any given day.

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"FitrWoman has helped me make great strides in my performance and recovery. Being aware of what is going on in my body and offering suggestions to overcome these has been amazing! I was not aware of what my hormone cycles were doing to my body at all before FitrWoman."
A photo of Allsion Schmitt holding an Olympic medal

Allison Schmitt

10x Olympic Medallist, USA Swimming

"I’ve enjoyed paying closer attention to my cycle and noticing the recurring symptoms I have during different times of the month. It helps me understand why my body feels more fatigued during training some days. I am more in tune with my body and how to help myself recover faster."

Regan Smith

3 x Olympic Medallist, USA Swimming

"FitrCoach is incredible. It helps coaches to train women as women, better understand the physiology of female athletes, especially younger athletes, and push the standards of sports performance worldwide. It also allows athletes to develop self-awareness, feel empowered and have the opportunity to truly understand their bodies on a deeper level."

Ivi Casagrande

FIFA / Lewes FC Women / Football Association of Ireland

"For me, technologies like FitrWoman and FitrCoach are a game changer. These technologies are the future of women's sports, not just in soccer but in women's sports in general. FitrWoman is pushing the boundaries in the world of research on women. And we need that because 97% of the published studies are made by the men and with the men."

Mélanie Pauli

Athletic Trainer, Swiss Football Association

"The FitrWoman app has allowed me to understand what different phases of the menstrual cycle mean for me and how I can support the hormonal changes to aid performance with nutrition, cognitive and lifestyle strategies. The FitrCoach aspect is a great feature that allows my S&C and athletic coach to make changes in my programme in accordance with the menstrual cycle."

Adelle Tracey

Team Jamaica, 800m & 1500m

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