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FitrWoman helps you track your menstrual cycle and provides personalized training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the changing hormone levels throughout your cycle.

No matter what your sport and no matter what your goal, FitrWoman takes the guesswork out of training.

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Know when to push harder, when to prioritize recovery and how to optimize your performance in each phase of your cycle.

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See nutritional insights, top foods and recipes to help reduce symptoms, fuel your training and support your recovery throughout your cycle.

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Get the latest insights on female performance and find out how and why changing hormone levels affect your body throughout your menstrual cycle.

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Sync with your Strava account to see your daily activities alongside your menstrual cycle data in FitrWoman.

"I’ve questioned for a long time how we can redefine and optimize the way the female athlete trains, to perform consistently at the highest level. Orreco have answered just that, and more."

Dr. Dan Turner,
Red Bull High Performance

Maximizing every session
for every athlete

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FitrCoach connects with the FitrWoman App so you can support your athletes during each phase of their cycle

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Athlete Profiles

Athletes use FitrWoman to track their periods, report symptoms, log training activity and get nutrition and physiology support during each phase of their cycle.

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Optimize performance

Find out how the fluctuations in hormone levels influence female physiology so you can maximize every session for every athlete throughout their cycle.

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Manage Your Squad

Athletes give permission to share their FitrWoman profiles with you on FitrCoach so you can monitor their status in real-time and plan ahead.

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All FitrCoach subscription plans come with a free 7 day trial.
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Female Athlete Consultancy

Everything we do is about helping female athletes be ready to perform. Our team of sports scientists have over 18 years' experience working with elite female athletes. We offer Female Athlete Consultancy Services to individual athletes and teams providing you with immediate access to world-class expertise. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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Mia Slevin is a dedicated and extremely talented young 200/400m freestyle swimmer with a promising future ahead of her. At only 17, she’s already 4x British Champion, has a European silver medal and is part of the British Swimming Development Team and Swim England Performance Squad.

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Game Changer: Our groundbreaking work with Chelsea Women F.C.

In The Telegraph exclusive, Chelsea Women’s Emma Hayes and Carly Telford talk about our Female Athlete Consultancy Program and its impact on helping players to track their menstrual cycle, reduce injury risk and optimise performance.

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Brain health – just what does it mean and why is it so important for women?

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Introducing Our Elite Female Athlete Program

We are challenging how female athletes are monitored, protected and supported, in order to advance female performance. We are empowering female athletes by conducting and using the latest scientific research to educate and inform, aiming to maximise potential and optimise performance.

Our Team

Grainne Conefrey

Product Development Manager

Grainne manages the development and delivery of FitrWoman and is driving our vision to empower all exercising females to perform at their best.

Dr Georgie Bruinvels

Research Scientist

Georgie leads the science behind FitrWoman and has published widely on the female athlete, iron deficiency and the menstrual cycle.

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