Our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate you to your fullest potential.

About Us

Female athletes are fundamentally different from their male counterparts.  While perhaps obvious, these fundamental differences – from physiology to psychology – have been for decades misunderstood, minimised, or abjectly ignored, the result of systemic bias in research and sport.  FitrWoman was founded on the belief that this gap in scientific understanding of the unique needs of female athletes needed to change. Led by the pioneering work of Dr. Georgie Bruinvels and the team at Orreco – a global leader in applied research in elite athletics – the FitrWoman brand was born. 

We're built upon 4 foundational pillars.

Commitment to Research

We’re actively bridging the knowledge gap in female athlete physiology. We lead research in applied female physiology and translate these findings into practical insights, guiding your journey towards peak performance. 

A woman holding a phone using the Nutrition section of the FitrWoman App

Education That Transforms

Our approach uses evidence-based knowledge tailored to your individual physiology. We want to empower you to discover new insights about your body so you can make informed decisions around your training and nutrition.

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Breaking Barriers Through Transformation

We’re here to break down barriers and empower female athletes to embrace sport fearlessly. We believe girls and women of all ages and abilities should feel equipped to overcome obstacles and move with confidence.

An image of the Chelsea womens team lifting the Barclays trophy

Maximising Individual Performance

Everybody and every body is different. We provide you the knowledge and tools to harness your unique physiology - your inner superpower - and perform to your fullest potential.