Welcome to the world’s first app that provides daily training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the menstrual cycle.

In a global survey we conducted in partnership with Strava, the social network for athletes, 88% of women reported that their menstrual cycle negatively affected their performance. We want to change this! Our aim is to provide you with information on how and why hormones fluctuate and empower you to take action and get the best from your body throughout your cycle.

With FitrWoman you can:

  • Track your period and symptoms
  • View top training suggestions for each phase of your cycle
  • Browse top foods and recipes to help reduce symptoms, fuel training and support recovery
  • Get the latest sports science insights on female performance

Here is a brief overview to guide you through FitrWoman and show you some of the main features.

FitrWoman Home Screen

Welcome to your home screen! This is your go-to place to track your cycle and plan your training, nutrition and recovery. Here you will find all the information related to your current menstrual cycle phase (more on these below). From the home screen, you can also access a number of features in the app.

Phases – What are these?

FitrWoman breaks the menstrual cycle into four Phases allowing you to plan your training and nutrition based on phase specific physiology:

  • Phase 1: menstruation, the first to the last day of your period
  • Phase 2: from the end of your period up to ovulation
  • Phase 3: from ovulation to when your hormones start to drop off again
  • Phase 4: the days just before your next period

Throughout your menstrual cycle, hormonal fluctuations, namely oestrogen and progesterone, can impact on your ability to train and recover. These hormones continuously fluctuate over the course of the cycle and can affect energy levels, pain threshold, endurance ability, strength, metabolism and sleep. In order to get the most from your workout, it is important to understand that your phases can vary depending on hormone levels at different stages in your cycle.

To read more on hormonal fluctuations, check out our blog post:

What Athletes Need to Know About Their Menstrual Cycle

Your Phase dates are visible on the home screen to allow you to plan your training and nutrition based on phase specific physiology.

Here is a quick guide to knowing your current Phase:


Phase Specific Cards

As you scroll down the home screen, you will see phase specific cards. These contain information on physiology, training and nutrition, which update as you move through your cycle.

The information in FitrWoman is based on the latest female athlete research. A list of articles is available on our publications page.

FitrWoman Publications

Physiology - What is Happening in Your Body?

Females have a unique physiology that is constantly changing. In the Physiology section, we explain what is happening in your body as hormone levels change and how this impacts your training, nutrition and recovery. For example, during Phase 2 your oestrogen levels are rising to a peak; therefore your pain threshold is likely to be higher and you may be able to push yourself harder during training.



When you train, your body will respond and adapt differently throughout your cycle. Training and exercise regimes require different planning and preparation over the course of the cycle. This section helps you manage your training and explains what type of activity will be most beneficial based on your current phase.


Your nutritional needs also vary throughout the cycle. FitrWoman provides you with phase specific nutritional suggestions to help you fuel correctly and recover quicker.


Located at the bottom of the home screen is the recipe button. Here you will find a collection of top food sources and healthy recipe options to help reduce symptoms, maintain energy levels, fuel performance and support recovery, all tailored to each phase. For example, in Phase 4, when PMS may be higher, you will see top food sources and recipes to help reduce inflammation, which is closely linked to PMS.


Along the top of the home screen, you can browse through our latest FitrWoman Insights. Our team of sports scientists and advisors are acknowledged research leaders in the field of female athlete performance. These insights delve into the latest topics and provide useful suggestions that you can add to your daily routine.

Tracking and Logging

Tracking your cycle can help you to get the best from your body on any given day. You can map your menstrual cycle alongside your physiology, training and nutrition. Tap on the green log button on the home screen to quickly log daily symptoms, menstrual flow, activities and notes relating to your training or cycle. 

Viewing Your Calendar

Once you have started tracking your cycle, navigate to the calendar screen (located in the top right-hand corner of the home screen) where you can begin to see trends in your cycle, identify your upcoming period and plan accordingly.

Our latest exciting feature allows you to view your Strava activities in the calendar. See everything on one screen and train smarter every cycle. Strava pulls activities straight from your GPS wearable or smartphone.

Connect with Strava now!

What people are saying?

"Tracking your period can give you new insights into your body, health and wellbeing." The Sunday Times

"This subject should be mandatory for all coaches and trainers of female athletes to understand the effects of the menstrual cycle on performance." Judy Murray

"Athletes prepare for everything, but they often don’t prepare for their period." Dr Georgie Bruinvels, FitrWoman Lead Scientist

FitrWoman takes the guesswork out of your cycle - It's time to start working with your body!

To read more, check out this article in  The Guardian  on how FitrWoman is helping women train in tune with their menstrual cycle.

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