Maximizing every session for every athlete

FitrCoach connects with the FitrWoman App so you can support your athletes during each phase of their cycle

FitrCoach connects with the FitrWoman app and allows you to optimise
training and support your athletes during each phase of their menstrual cycle

Key Features

Athlete Profiles

Phase Specific Training

Symptom Notifications

Phase Specific Nutrition

Event Calendar

Physiology Insights

How It Works


1. FitrWoman App

Athletes use FitrWoman to track their periods, report symptoms, log training activity and get nutrition and physiology support during each phase of their cycle.

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2. Connect With Your Athletes

Athletes give permission to share their FitrWoman profiles with you on FitrCoach so you can monitor their status in real time and plan ahead.

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3. Optimize Performance

Find out how the fluctuations in hormone levels influence female physiology so you can maximize every session for every athlete throughout their cycle.

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Sonia O' Sullivan

World Champion, World Record Holder, Olympic Medalist

FitrCoach is like nothing I've ever seen before... For teams or squads it's a really good way of managing different training groups and intensities to get the best out of female athletes, taking into account the menstrual cycle. It will help coaches individualize plans and let athletes recover when they need to and train hard on the right days.

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2 Min demo video

FitrCoach at a glance - watch a quick overview of the main features, learn how to navigate the dashboard, view your athletes status, access supporting information and more.

Connect with your athletes

Learn how to get started with FitrCoach by setting up a new account, subscribing and connecting
with your athletes.

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