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FitrWoman™ is a world first.

Several high-profile female athletes have identified their menstrual cycle as a key contributing factor to underperforming at a major sporting event.

FitrWoman is the world’s first app to address this by providing personalized day-to-day training and nutritional suggestions tailored to your hormone levels.

Based on the latest scientific research and Orreco’s years of experience working with elite female athletes, FitrWoman is built specifically with the female in mind.

Our aim is to enable female athletes to benefit from their changing hormone levels and optimize performance by providing evidence-based training and nutritional recommendations throughout the menstrual cycle.

Features & Benefits

FitrWoman offers insights at every stage of your cycle.


FitrWoman suggests which training types to prioritize to get maximum gain on any given day of your cycle.


FitrWoman provides alerts on when you may be more susceptible to injury during your cycle.


FitrWoman offers nutritional insights, recipes and food sources to support performance, boost energy and promote recovery throughout your cycle.


FitrWoman gives contextual information on your physiology and why particular types of training and nutrition are suggested at each stage of your cycle.

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Optimizing Performance. Empowering Athletes.

Studies of female athlete physiology have fallen behind those of male athletes, but times are changing.

FitrWoman is underpinned by science-driven findings in the global field of female athlete research. We want to empower female athletes by sharing our insights so the changes in hormone levels can be used to optimize performance, rather than disrupt your training or competition.

It is a game-changer for female athletes who want to maximize their potential at all times during their menstrual cycle.