We are challenging how female athletes are monitored, protected and supported, in order to advance female performance. We are empowering female athletes by conducting and using the latest scientific research to educate and inform, aiming to maximise potential and optimise performance.

The Female Athlete Movement

Research has found that over half of female athletes feel that the menstrual cycle impacts their training or performance (Bruinvels et al. 2016). Additionally, we have found that over 80% of those athletes with a coach don’t talk to them about their menstrual cycle or related symptoms (FitrWoman and Strava Survey). The menstrual cycle is a natural process and an important indicator of health and well-being that shows the endocrine (hormonal) system is working. However, the fluctuating hormones that drive this hormonal system can alter a range of aspects of physiological processes which may negatively impact on performance. We need to open up the conversation about periods to help unlock the performance potential in female athletes, with athlete health always at the forefront. For coaches and athletes alike, regardless of the sport, it is not about training harder, it is about training smarter and working with a female’s natural physiology.

Our Elite Service

Through our elite programs, we educate athletes and their support staff, we work with them to gain a better understanding around current menstrual status, and we develop tailored protocols inline with the changing hormones, aiming to reduce negative effects of these hormonal changes. We also help to optimise nutrition and training at all times of the menstrual cycle. For example, we may focus on strategies to reduce menstrual symptoms or lower injury risk, as well as to capitalise on the altered training adaptation and metabolism that can occur during a cycle. Elite athletes are continuously looking for that edge over their opponents and working with the menstrual cycle can help unlock the performance potential in women.

What We Offer


Education is key – not only for athletes but also for all support staff involved in athlete health, wellbeing, and development. Education is an important factor in driving behaviour change and our sessions open up the conversation about menstrual health and sports performance and start to redefine the way that female athletes train, fuel and recover in order to sustain peak performance at the highest level. We offer online workshops, webinars and in-person interactive sessions for athletes and support staff either together or independently.

Female Athlete Questionnaire and Report:

Our bespoke female athlete questionnaire and follow-up report are developed specifically to identify menstrual status and any underlying menstrual issues, highlight key ‘pinch points’ in an athlete’s menstrual cycle, break down barriers, and inform the next steps that are needed to progress forward. As well as individual athlete reports, we offer a team overview – giving team coaches a chance to gain valuable insights into their squad as a whole.

One-to-One Consultancy:

Our one-to-one consultancy package is a 3-month monitoring program using our FitrWoman and FitrCoach Platforms that provides teams and athletes with immediate access to world-class expertise. This is a unique opportunity to work closely with our lead physiologists and sports science team to develop a customised and strategic action plan that is tailored to incorporate and work on identified issues and individual requirements. This can vary from the implementation of personalised training, nutrition, recovery and wellness strategies with regular reviews and check-ins, to working as a team within your team on a consultancy basis. Our team is always on-hand to answer any additional queries for both athletes and coaches. This open channel of communication and sports science support is an integral part of our consultancy service.

How To Contact Us?

Everything we do is about helping female athletes be ready to perform. For more information about our Elite Female Athlete Program, including pricing packages, please email us fitrwoman@orreco.com or fill in the contact form on our website.


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