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Dr Georgie Bruinvels

Research Scientist
Georgie Bruinvels is a Senior Sports Scientist and Research Scientist at Orreco. She manages Orreco’s Redox testing at client sites, analyses blood biomarker data, and leads the science behind our Female Athlete Program and FitrWoman™ and FitrCoach™ applications. Georgie holds a PhD from University College London and has published widely on the female athlete, iron deficiency and the menstrual cycle. Prior to joining Orreco, she worked for 3 years with UK Anti-Doping. Georgie is also an elite endurance athlete. She has represented the British Athletics Team and won her first international marathon in 2015.

Prof Charlie Pedlar

Chief Scientific Advisor, Orreco
Prof Charles Pedlar is Orreco’s Chief Scientific Officer and Sports Scientist. He was previously a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School and was awarded BASES Physiologist of the year in 2014. He has been working directly with elite athletes across the world for over 18 years. Charlie holds a PhD from Brunel University, London, and is a Centre Director at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. He is an acknowledged research leader on sleep, sports physiology and athlete recovery strategies with over 50 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr Nathan Lewis

Clinical & Performance Nutrition. Lead
Nathan is Orreco’s Clinical & Performance Nutritionist and lead biomarker scientist. He delivers personalized nutritional strategies in accordance with biomarker profiles. He has worked with multiple Olympic medalists through four Olympic cycles and pro sport teams including NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour and UEFA. Nathan has published several peer-reviewed papers and is a leading authority on redox homeostasis, overtraining syndrome and sports nutrition.

Dr Kristin Popp

Senior Sports Scientist & Bone Physiology Specialist
Dr Kristin Popp is a Senior Sports Scientist and Bone Physiology Specialist at Orreco. Based in the USA, she works directly with our professional sports teams and athletes, analysing blood biomarker data. Kristy is a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School and has published widely on bone physiology and modifiable risk factors for bone stress injuries in military recruits and endurance athletes. She holds a PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and has been coaching endurance athletes for more than 13 years.

Esther Goldsmith

Sport & Exercise Physiologist
Esther is a sports physiologist, working as part of the science team at FitrWoman and working closely with our ambassadors. Esther completed her MSc at St Marys University in Sport and Exercise Physiology, focusing on the female athlete in her final research project, but prior to that trained as an elite contemporary dancer.

Niamh Mallon

Sports Scientist
Niamh Mallon is a Sports Scientist at Orreco. She conducts Orreco's Redox testing at client sites and also works on the development of our Elite Female Athlete Program and FitrWoman™ and FitrCoach™ applications. Niamh is a certified phlebotomist and holds an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Ulster University. She is also an elite Camogie player, operating at the highest level of sport for over eight years.

Suzanne Rowland

Delivery Excellence Manager
Suzanne is Orreco’s Delivery Excellence Manager. She coordinates service delivery and testing across all our clients. Prior to joining Orreco, Suzanne worked in marketing & events management and has assisted with team trials and administration within the Nike Oregon Track Club Elite training camp for over 10 years.

Dr Jaynal Abedin

Senior Data Scientist & Biostatistician
Dr. Jaynal Abedin is a Senior Data Scientist & Biostatistician at Orreco. He completed his PhD in Data Science focusing on statistical applications at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway. He develops computationally intensive statistical algorithm to identify atypical (anomalies or outliers) data points from multivariate data. This new algorithm will help to identify and then perform further investigation to find out why a certain data point is different than others. Prior to his doctoral degree, he worked at the icddr,b (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh) and lead a team of statisticians to work with different research projects, in collaboration with various universities. Jaynal has had several peer reviewed scientific publications in international journals. He has authored a number of books on R programming and data visualization.

Marc Cleary

Sports Scientist
Marc Cleary is a Sport Scientist at Orreco. He implements Orreco's redox homeostasis testing, analysis and interpretation of blood biomarker data. Before joining the Orreco team Marc has worked with multiple University American Football teams and elite athletes in the US and Ireland, in the area of performance development. Marc holds a BS.c in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Limerick Ireland and is completing his MS.c in Performance Science with Setanta College.

Dr Diarmuid Daniels

Sport Scientist
Dr Diarmuid Daniels is a Sport Scientist at Orreco working in partnership with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Diarmuid conducts Orreco’s Redox testing at client sites and provides analysis on blood biomarker data. Prior to joining Orreco, he worked as a Sports Scientist with multiple pro sport teams in Europe and the USA. Diarmuid holds an MSc in Exercise Physiology from University College Dublin and is completing his PhD in Sports Science & Analytics at NUI Galway.

Dr Forrest Baker

Exercise Immunology
Dr Forrest Baker manages the components of Orreco’s immunology testing and provides data analysis on biomarker indicators of immune function and wellbeing in elite athletes. He is a member of the NASA funded immunology team at the University of Arizona while completing his PhD in Exercise Immunology at the University of Houston.
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