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Maximize your Workouts

There are particular points in the female athlete’s cycle where the gains from a specific training type are likely to be greater than usual because of the changing hormone levels at this time.

FitrWoman provides daily training suggestions tailored to your changing hormone levels so you can take advantage of opportunities to maximize your training on any given day of your cycle.

HIIT & Resistance

When oestrogen levels are elevated, high intensity and resistance training are likely to produce better results, and corresponding hormonal-mediated muscle strength is optimized.

Examples of HIIT Training

Running, cycling, swimming, elliptical trainer and aqua-jogging.

HIIT training involves short, high intensity efforts followed by periods of recovery.

Examples of Resistance Training

Weight machines, resistance bands, free weights, medicine balls and using your own body weight.

Resistance training is designed to improve muscular fitness and involves exercising muscles against an external form of resistance.

Aerobic Endurance

As progesterone levels increase, your body’s main fuel source switches to fats. As a result more carbohydrates are stored as glycogen and your endurance ability is likely to improve.

Examples of Aerobic Endurance

A long and steady run, bike or swim at up to 80% heart rate.

Aerobic endurance involves exercise where demands for oxygen are being met throughout.